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Mr. Alexander is a trained professional mediator with experience in hundreds of mediations.  He has served as a judge pro tem in California Superior Court.  Mr. Alexander takes particular interest in assisting with the resolution of disputes.  He has an extremely high rate of success in these matters in that the far majority of mediations attended to by Mr. Alexander do settle with his ongoing assistance. 

Areas of legal expertise in mediation field include all family law matters, including property division, child support, spousal support, child custody plans, taxes, in both divorce and legal separation.  This is a far better option than to leave these important matters to the courts, particulary given the expense of retaining attorneys for court representation. 

Advantages of mediation include:

          1.   Less cost than each party retaining their own legal counsel.

          2.   Much more cooperative in approach.

          3.   The parties make the decisions about their property, children, and assets instead of the courts.

Mr. Alexander also serves as mediator in disputes involving real estate, business, contract and personal injury matters.

“Alternative Dispute Resolution is not just an alternative to litigation, but may
also be the most appropriate way to resolve a dispute.” 

Justice Statement 2 - Department of Justice


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